Have his cause heard (fair trial)

Dhanjee vs Mr. James Alix Michel & ors (CP 03.2014) [2014] SCCC 6 (15 July 2014);



D. Karunakaran, J. (Presiding), B. Renaud, J.

As a citizen of Seychelles the Petitioner entered this Petition pursuant to Articles 46(1) and 130 (1) of the Constitution of Seychelles.

The 1st Respondent is the elected President of the Republic of Seychelles who took the Presidential Oath of Office on 28th May, 2011.

Dhanjee vs Mr. James Alix Michel (CP 03.2014) [2014] SCCC 4 (24 June 2014);



Burhan J

[1]               I have considered the application made by learned counsel Mrs. Amesbury seeking my recusal from this case.  The application was initially based by learned counsel “in the interest of justice and independence and that impartiality needs to be seen to be done” and therefore learned counsel for the petitioner Mrs. Amesbury moved “especially on the instructions of the petitioner” that I recuse myself from this  case.

Bradburn v Government of Seychelles & Anor (Constitutional Case No.06 of 2008) [2013] SCCC 1 (26 March 2013);



(2013) SLR 33



Renaud, Burhan JJ

26 March 2013                                                                                                         CC 06/2008


F Elizabeth for the petitioners

A Madeleine for the respondents