Matrimonial Property Law

Nancy v Nancy (MA 130/2018 (arising in DV 117/2015)) [2020] SCSC 288 (21 May 2020);

CAROLUS J Background[1]       The parties were married on 7th July 2007 and are now divorced. The conditional order of divorce granted on 07th November 2016 dissolving their marriage was made absolute on 21st July 2017.[2]       The applicant has now filed an application for Matrimonial Property Adjustment which is supported by an affidavit sworn by himself. In terms of his application, he claims that the parties are co-owners of land parcel B350 situated at Morne Blanc, Mahe, on which their matrimonial home is situated.

Mussard v Mussard (MA 215/2018 (arising in DV 50/2017)) [2020] SCSC 260 (23 April 2020);

GOVINDEN J.[1]       This is an application for apportionment of shares in a matrimonial property. The Petitioner has averred in his affidavit in support of his application that he was previously married to the Respondent and that the latter is the owner of parcel of land PR1918, situated at Baie Sainte Anne, Praslin on which a house has been constructed.

Camille v Camille (DV 79/2010) [2020] SCSC 228 (03 April 2020);



[1]       Marie Camille (nee Joubert) (“Petitioner”) filed for divorce petition on the 24 May 2010 against Pierre Claver Camille (“Respondent”). The Court granted a conditional order of divorce, which was made unconditional on the 7 October 2010. The Petitioner subsequently made an application on the 3 February 2011 for matrimonial property adjustment orders under the Matrimonial Causes Act (“the Act”) and subject matter of this Judgment.


Freminot v Pauline (MA 169/2019 (arising in DS159/2016)) [2020] SCSC 190 (10 March 2020);

CAROLUS J Background[1]       The Parties in this matter are divorced and the conditional order of divorce granted in the divorce proceedings was made absolute on 9th June 2017.[2]       The applicant has now filed an application for “division in kind of matrimonial property” which was filed on 21st May 2019. Counsel for the respondent at the time Mr.

Lepathy v Lepathy (MA 29/2018 (arising in CS DV 20/2013)) [2020] SCSC 142 (23 February 2020);

TWOMEY CJ [1]       The parties were conditionally divorced on 26 February 2014 with decree absolute granted on 6 May 2014.[2]       The Petitioner by way of ancillary relief to the divorce applied to the Court for orders determining her share in the matrimonial property and the transfer of the matrimonial home on Parcel C9108 into her sole name.[3]       She averred in the affidavit in support of her application that she was married to the Respondent for eleven years and have four children with him of which one is still a minor.