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partnership, business registration, breach of Court of Appeal Rules and Practice Directions- delay in filing submissions

Application for leave to file petition out of time; Rule 4 (3) Constitutional Court (Application, Contravention, Enforcement or Interpretation of the Constitution) Rules.

The Appellant complains that his rights under article 16 and 26 of the Constitution have been breached by the 1st and 2nd Respondents.

The Appellant’s argument was that a Puisne Judge cannot sit as a Justice of Appeal of the Court of Appeal to hear and determine cases

Constitutional referral at the application for leave for Judicial Review stage

Court of Appeal of Seychelles – Seychelles Court of Appeal Rules, 2005, (S. I. 13 of 2005) as amended – Notice of grounds of appeal – Rule 18 – Vague grounds of appeal – Notice of appeal not sufficient notice of the grounds of appeal – Court of Appeal of Seychelles strikes out notice of appeal by its motion – Appeal dismissed in its entirety – No order as to costs

Disposal of proceedings without trial – Appellant absent when case called on – Practice Directions No. 3 of 2017 and Form CV1 – Judgment in default of defence – Application to vacate judgment in default of defence – Practice Directions No. 3 of 2017 and Form CV1, including any other ″Form″ approved by the Chief Justice for the Practice Directions No. 3 of 2017 declared illegal: Meme v The Land Registrar & Anor (SCA 53/2018) [2021] SCCA 15 – Appeal allowed – Supreme Court orders are null and quashed in their entirety. No order as to costs.

Appeal against the decision of Supreme Court ordering First Appellant from using the name of Respondent - jurisdiction of Supreme Court of Seychelles to disavow paternity and rectify registration of the name in the Civil Register of Madagascar - rights of minor under the Constitution of Seychelles