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Divorce Petition to dissolve the marriage.

Property and financial adjustments under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1992 [CAP 124] - Appeal partly allowed and partly dismissed. Each party shall pay her/his costs.

Matrimonial property- division of shares in a company held by a spouse.

Appeal against the decision of Supreme Court ordering First Appellant from using the name of Respondent - jurisdiction of Supreme Court of Seychelles to disavow paternity and rectify registration of the name in the Civil Register of Madagascar - rights of minor under the Constitution of Seychelles

Dingake JA - Adjustment property orders after divorce, section 20(1)(g) of the Matrimonial Causes Act, abolishing of community in property, jointly owned matrimonial property, property owned solely by one of the spouses     Robinson JA – Rule 31 of the Seychelles Court of Appeal Rules, 2005, as amended – Case remitted to the Supreme Court for fresh hearing

Divorce - Property adjustments - section 20(1)(g) of the Matrimonial Causes Act -  Home that the parties occupied after their marriage - Appellant continued to occupy the home with the three children - Beneficial share of the parties in the matrimonial home

Matrimonial Property- Appeal against property adjustment order.Where legal ownership of matrimonial assets is vested in one party, but there is evidence that the other party contributed significantly towards the property, court can order that the property be vested in both parties.

Paternity- Appeal against the decision of Supreme Court declaring the respondent the father of Grace Heidi Trisha Nicette and grant of an order that the Civil Status Officer rectifies the Act of Birth to reflect the declaration