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Appeal against a decision of the Supreme Court – Breach of agreement  

CONTRACTS AND OBLIGATIONS Obligation ― Article 1184 of the Civil Code of Seychelles ― Execution ― Specific performance is a legal remedy ― Party towards whom the undertaking is not fulfilled may elect to demand execution of the contract if that is possible ― Sale and transfer of undivided half share in the property without offering the option to purchase to Appellant ― Right of Appellant to demand execution

Court of Appeal review of damages, loss of profit, loss of profit, loss of equipment, quantum of damages, expert report

Appellant alleged he entered into an agreement with the Respondent to renovate and extend her house - whether court below erred in law and on the facts when ruling that the documents disclosed by the Plaintiff (Appellant) could not be relied on having been disclosed too near to the hearing date – held documents should have been admitted as there was nothing to show that the Respondent would suffer any prejudice

Contract-Breach of construction contract-Public Policy. Where a contract is not ex facie illegal and one party’s conduct violates public policy, the innocent party can claim under the contract