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Contract - Breach of Building Lease Agreement - Damages - Proof of damages - Defective pleadings. Appeal is dismissed - Cross-appeal is dismissed - No order as to costs.

Land ownership - acquisitive prescription - conditions to be satisfied to prove acquisitive prescription - meaning of peaceful, unequivocal, uninterrupted

Contract-Breach of agreement for operation of a petrol station-non-payment of petroleum and gas products sold-reconciliation of accounts-expert witnesses  

Contract - claim for damages for breach of contract - Commercial Code - arbitration agreement - stay of proceedings - Respondent conceding that  the arbitration agreement is not null and void - arbitration agreement is valid and subsisting - no argument before the Supreme Court that the dispute did not fall within the scope of the arbitration agreement. Appeal allowed. With costs. Whether or not a foreign arbitral award (a Convention Award) is enforceable in Seychelles does not arise for the determination of this Court in the context of the present appeal.