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Finality of judgments is in the interests of justice ― Court is functus officio ― Court has no jurisdiction to entertain the application

Appeal against conviction for sexual assault and the sentence imposed.

Appeal against the disposal order made by the Supreme Court pursuant to section 5 of POCA

partnership, business registration, breach of Court of Appeal Rules and Practice Directions- delay in filing submissions

appeal of conviction and sentence- sexual assault of 13-year-old girl-omission of formal conviction on record of transcript - alibi defence - severity of 15-year sentence

delict ― liability ― trespass onto land ― threatening violence ― erecting barriers ― obstructing entry ― damages

CONTRACTS AND OBLIGATIONS Obligation ― Article 1184 of the Civil Code of Seychelles ― Execution ― Specific performance is a legal remedy ― Party towards whom the undertaking is not fulfilled may elect to demand execution of the contract if that is possible ― Sale and transfer of undivided half share in the property without offering the option to purchase to Appellant ― Right of Appellant to demand execution

Rule 5 of the Seychelles Court of Appeal Rules ― Application for special leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal ― Section 12 of the Courts Act ― Supreme Court refused to grant leave to appeal ― Court of Appeal may grant special leave ― Contract and

Grounds of appeal contravened Rule 18 (7) of the Court of Appeal Rules and provisions of Practice Direction No.1 of 2017.

Appeal against the award of SCR 215,000.00 as compensation for injury and loss suffered by the 1st Respondent in a road collision.

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