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About SeyLII

The Seychelles Legal Information Institute (SeyLII) offers free and anonymous access to case law, legislation and secondary legal materials from the Seychelles. SeyLII is an independent, self-funded organisation and needs your support.

SeyLII was established in 2012 under the auspices of the Judiciary of Seychelles and with the support of AfricanLII.  It became an independent registered association in 2015. SEYLII is a member of the international Free Access to Law Movement and subscribes to the principles of the Declaration on Free Access to Law

The vision of SeyLII is to be the primary legal resource institution in Seychelles, providing free, reliable online access to essential Seychelles legal resources. These core resources have not previously been readily or cheaply available to most citizens of Seychelles. They make it easier for practitioners and judges to research the law, to prepare cases for hearing, and to write fairly researched judgments and decisions, and for lawyers and non-lawyers (both local and international) to understand and monitor the changing nature of Seychelles’ legal environment.   

In addition to providing a portal for case law and legislation, SEYLII aims to increase public awareness of the operations of the domestic courts and the broader legal profession, thereby improving access to the courts and strengthening public confidence in the administration of justice.

SeyLII has adopted an inaugural Strategic Plan for 2015-2017 and a set of guidelines for its developing workload.  These documents may be freely downloaded from this page.  For any further queries, or to offer assistance to the SeyLII team, please contact us here.

SeyLII Board 2022
SeyLII Board 2022


 SeyLII Strategic Plan 2015-2017.pdf

 SeyLII Guidelines - Publication of secondary material (May 2015).pdf

 SeyLII Guidelines - Uploading judgments to SeyLII (May 2015).pdf

 SeyLII Guidelines - Redaction of sensitive information in judgments (May 2015)_0.pdf

 SeyLII Guidelines - Selection of judgments for publication (May 2015)_0.pdf

 MOU between UniSey and SeyLII (October 2015).pdf