Breadfruit and Other Trees (Protection) Act


Breadfruit and Other Trees (Protection) Act

Act 20 of 1917

  • Commenced on 29 December 1917
  • [This is the version of this document at 30 June 2012 and includes any amendments published up to 30 June 2014.]
[Act 20 of 1917; S.I 95 of 1975; S.I 104 of 1975; Act 23 of 1976; S.I 62 of 1998]


This Act may be cited as the Breadfruit and Other Trees (Protection) Act.


In this Act the word "destroy" includes fell, cut, bark or mutilate but shall not include any lopping or paring or any other act which shall be for the benefit of the tree so treated.


Any person who shall destroy or cause to be destroyed any of the trees specified in the schedule whether on his ownproperty or on the property of any other person, without having received the written permission of the Chief of Agricultural Officer so to do, shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding fifty Rupees for each tree destroyed, in addition to three times the value of each tree.


The Minister may, by notice published in the Gazette, add to or amend the schedule.



  Botanical name Common name
1. Adenanthera pavonina Lagati (Agathie)
2. Albizia falcataria Albizya (Albazia)
3. Terminalia catappa Bodanmyen (Badamier)
4. Hernandia catappa Bwa Blan (Bois Blanc)
5. Imbricaria sechellarum Bwa-d-Nat (Bois de Natte)
6. Heritiera littoralis Bwa-d-Tab (Bois de Table)
7. Alstonia macrophylia Bwa-Zonn (Bois Jaune)
8. Sideroxylon ferrugineum Bwa Mazanbik (Bois Mozambique)
9. Albizia lebek Bwa Nwar (Bois Noir)
10. Dillenia ferruginea Bwa Rouz (Bois Rouge)
11. Tabebuia pallida Kalis Dipap (Calice du Pape)
12. Casuarina equisetifolia Sed (Cedre, Filao)
13. Eucallyptus sp. Kaliptis (Eucalyptus)
14. Artocarpus altilis Friapen (Arbre a Pain)
15. Intsia bijuga Gayak (Gayac)
16. Artocarpus intergrifolia Zak (Jaquier)
17. Melia dubia Lilak (Lilac)
18. Swietenia macrophylla Maogani (Mahogany)
19. Eugenia malaccensis Ponm Governman (Pomme Gouvernement)
20. Pterocarpus indica Sandragon (Sandragon)
21. Sandoricum indicum Santol (Santol)
22. Calophyllum inophyllum Takamaka (Takamaka)
23. Tectonia grandis Tek (Teck)
24. Cocos nucifera Pye Koko
25. Deckenia Nobilis Palmiste
26. Nephrosperma Vanhoutteanum Latanier millepattes
27. Vercheffetia Splendida Latanier Latte
28. Roscheria melanocheates Latanier Hauban
29. Phoenicophorium borsigniamum Latanier Feuille
30. Lodoicea maldivica Coco de mer
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History of this document

29 December 1917