Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth Incorporation Act


Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth Incorporation Act

Act 10 of 1953

  • Commenced on 23 November 1953
  • [This is the version of this document at 30 June 2012 and includes any amendments published up to 30 June 2014.]
[Act 10 of 1953; Act 16 of 1963; Act 23 of 1976; Act 72 of 1976]

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth Incorporation Act.

2. Objects of the Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth

There shall be established in accordance with this Act a body corporate to be known as the Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth whose objects shall be to provide for the care, welfare and maintenance of orphans and of poor children and generally to provide for the welfare of the poor.

3. Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth constituted into a corporate body

The Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth shall be a corporate body with perpetual succession and a Common Seal under the name of "Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth" and shall have power to acquire by purchase or otherwise, hold, dispose of and alienate property movable or immovable and to do all such acts and things as bodies corporate may do and perform.

4. Management of the corporate body

(i)The said Corporate Body shall be under the care and management of a Board of Trustees which shall be composed of a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other person or persons as may be appointed to it.
(ii)Appointments to the Board of Trustees shall be made by the Bishop of Port Victoria or in case of his absence form the Republic or of his inability to act, by the Superior Ecclesiastic for the time being head of the Roman Catholic community in Seychelles.
(iii)After the Board shall have been constituted appointments to the Board may be made in the manner stated in the preceding sub‑section:—
(a)when a member dies, resigns or is dismissed;
(b)when a member absents himself from the Republic the appointment to last during such absence from the Republic.

5. Quorum and voting

(i)Three members of the Board shall form a quorum.
(ii)Decisions of the Board shall be taken on a majority of votes of the members present and voting but on any matter on which the votes of the Board are equally divided the Chairman, or in his absence the member of the Board presiding over the meeting, shall have a second or casting vote.

6. Power to sue and be sued and service

The said Corporate Body may act, sue or be sued under its corporate name and may for all purposes be described by that name and service on the Corporate Body shall be effected by service on the Chairman or the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

7. Chairman to sign documents

All deeds, acts and documents concerning the Corporate Body shall be signed by the Chairman.

8. Powers of the Board of Trustees

All the property movable or immovable the said Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth may now be possessed of and may hereafter acquire in whatever manner, shall be vested in the said Board of Trustees who shall hold the same on behalf of the Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth with full powers of Administration and inter alia with the powers of selling, mortgaging or exchanging the same, of consenting to the erasure or removal of all inscriptions, seizures or attachments and of giving all acquittances.

9. Power of Board of Trustees to make regulations

The Board of Trustees shall have power to make, add to, amend and revoke Regulations for the better working of this Act.

10. Article 910 to apply

Article 910 of the Civil Code shall apply to the said Corporate Body to the extent that disposition inter vivos or by 3rd Sch/13/1975 will in favour of the Corporate Body shall be valid.

11. Saving clause

Nothing in this Act shall prejudice or affect the rights of the Republic or any body politic or corporate, or of any other person or persons, except such as are mentioned in this Act and those claiming by, from, through or under them.
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