Prescription of Persons Notice

Criminal Procedure Code

Prescription of Persons Notice

Statutory Instrument 61 of 1972

  • Commenced on 15 May 1972
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 June 2020.]
[S.I. 61 of 1972]


This Notice may be cited as the Prescription of Persons Notice.


The following persons are hereby prescribed for the purposes of section 131 of the Criminal Procedure Code.W.A. Gliddon Esq BScSouth Western Forensic Science Laboratory37 Julian RoadSneydParkBRISTOL B29 IJYR.M. Mitchell Esq BScSouth Wales & Monmouthshire Forensic Science LaboratoryGovernment Officers, Tyglass RoadLlanishenGARDIFF CF4 5YGW.E. Montgomery Esq BSc PhD DIC ARCSWest Midland Forensic Science LaboratoryPriory HouseGooch Street NorthBIRMINGHAM 5I.G. Holden Esq BSc PhD FRICEast Midland Forensic Science LaboratoryShakespeare StreetNOTTINGHAM NG1 4FRI.M. Barclays Esq BSc PhD FRICNorth Eastern Forensic Science LaboratoryHaddon Lodge32 Rutland DriveHARROGATES.S. Kind Esq BSc FLSFIBiolNorthern Forensic Science LaboratoryGovernment SiteBroadway WestNEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NE3 5HLF.L. CannEsqBsc ARICNorth Western Forensic Science LaboratoryWashington HallEuxtonCHORLEYLancashireP.G.W. Cobb EsqHome Countries Forensic Science LaboratoryAldermastonREADING RG7 4PNR.L. Williams MA DPhil DScMetropolitan Police Laboratory2 Richbell PlaceTheobalds RoadLONDON WC1
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History of this document

15 May 1972