Central Bank of Seychelles (Demonetisation of Notes) Order

Central Bank of Seychelles Act, 2004

Central Bank of Seychelles (Demonetisation of Notes) Order

Statutory Instrument 37 of 1993

  • Commenced on 1 July 1993
  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2015.]
[S.I. 37 of 1993]

1. Citation

This Order may be cited as the Central Bank of Seychelles (Demonetisation of Notes) Order.

2. Calling in of notes

(1)The Currency Notes specified in the Schedule shall, with effect from 1st July 1993, cease to be legal tender in Seychelles.
(2)Any person in possession of currency notes referred to in paragraph (1) may surrender the currency notes—
(a)during the period commencing on 1st July 1993 and ending on the 30th September 1993, to any bank in Seychelles; and
(b)at any time after 1st July 1993, to the Central Bank of Seychelles,
and on surrender shall receive in exchange therefor an equal amount of legal tender notes issued by the Central Bank of Seychelles.


The currency notes issued by the Seychelles Monetary Authority under section 14 of the Seychelles Monetary Authority Decree, 1978—
(i)of the denomination of R10 on January 30, 1980;
(ii)of the denomination of R25 on February 20, 1980;
(iii)of the denomination of R50 on March 11, 1980; and
(iv)of the denomination of R100 on March 17, 1980
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01 July 1993