Elections Advisory Board Regulations, 2010

Elections Act

Elections Advisory Board Regulations, 2010

Statutory Instrument 86 of 2010

  • Commenced on 6 December 2010
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 December 2014.]
[S.I 86 of 2010]


These Regulations may be cited as the Elections Advisory Board Regulations, 2010.


There shall be an Elections Advisory Board constituted in accordance with these Regulations.


The object of the Elections Advisory Board shall be to advise and assist the Electoral Commission in the performance of the Electoral Commission's functions generally and in relation to—
(a)the registration of voters;
(b)the delimination of boundaries;
(c)organisation of elections and the setting of election date;
(d)consultation of members of the public in respect of election matters;
(e)liaising with relevant public authorities and stakeholders in delimitating boundaries;
(f)reviewing electoral laws as and when necessary; and
(g)other measures to ensure good governance and transparency in the management of elections.


(1)Subject to subregulation (2), the Elections Advisory Board shall consist of the following members—
(a)the Electoral Commission;
(b)the Chief Registration Officer;
(c)the person who last functioned as the Chief Electoral Officer;
(d)three other persons with knowledge and experience in the conduct of elections and delimitating electoral boundaries, nominated by the Electoral Commission.
(2)Notwithstanding subregulation (1), during the period between the nomination day and the polling day of an election, a representative of each Presidential candidate shall be appointed to the Elections Advisory Board in the case of a Presidential election, and a representative of each political party shall be appointed to the Board in the case of a National Assembly election. At any election aforesaid a representative in respect of one or more independent candidates shall be appointed to the Board.


(1)The Electoral Advisory Board shall meet at such time and place as may be notified by the Electoral Commission provided that it shall meet at least three times during a year.
(2)Three members shall constitute a quorum for a meeting.
(3)A member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings shall cease to be a member.


A member who has a personal interest in any matter to be discussed by the Electoral Advisory Board at any meeting shall inform the person chairing the meeting of that fact prior to the meeting and shall not take part in the deliberations of that meeting, and such disclosure shall be recorded in the minutes of that meeting.


A decision taken by the Electoral Advisory Board shall be by the majority vote of the members present at the meeting and in the case of an equality of votes, the person chairing the meeting shall have an additional vote.


Subject to the Regulations, the Board shall regulate its own proceedings and shall keep records and minutes of the proceedings.


The members shall treat all proceedings of the Electoral Advisory Board as confidential for such period as the Board may determine.


Members other than the Electoral Commission and the Chief Registration Officer shall be paid an honorarium as determined by the Electoral Commission.
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