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Customs Management (Entry of goods for export) Regulations, 2012 (Statutory Instrument 55 of 2012)

This is the latest version of this legislation commenced on 08 Nov 2017.


Customs Management Act, 2011

Customs Management (Entry of goods for export) Regulations, 2012

Statutory Instrument 55 of 2012

  • Commenced on 5 November 2012

  • [This is the version of this document at 8 November 2017.]

1. Citation

These regulations may be cited as the Customs Management (Entry of goods for export) Regulations, 2012.

2. Declaration of Bill of Entry or Special Request Export Form

(1)Goods intended to be exported shall be declared in a Bill of Entry Form or Special Request Export Form, as required.
(2)The exporter, agent or representative shall submit the Bill of Entry Form together with the supporting documents prior to the exportation of the goods.
(3)Where the exporter, agent or representative is unable to submit the required documents prior to or at the time of the exportation the Assistant Commissioner of Customs may authorise the goods be exported on submission of the completed Special Request Export Form on condition that a completed Bill of Entry form be submitted within 10 days of the goods being exported.

3. Goods subject to examination

Goods intended for export may be subjected to physical examination by officers and wherever possible by electronic screening.