Ezy Garage Pty Ltd and Another v Rassool and Another (9 of 2008) [2009] SCSC 60 (6 December 2009)



(Rep by Margaret Sauzier)





Civil Side No 9 of 2008

Mrs Antao for the Plaintiff


B. Renaud J

The Plaintiffs by Plaint entered on 21st January, 2008 is claiming from the Defendants jointly and severally and for interests on the amount found to be due, at such rate as the Court thinks fit, and costs.

The summons and Plaint were served on the Defendants on 4th February, 2008 for them to appear in Court on 4th March, 2008. Both Defendants failed to respond to the summons either by themselves or by Counsel, did not adduce sufficient reasons to excuse their absence. The Plaintiffs moved the Court for the matter to be heard exparte. The Court granted leave for the matter to proceed ex-parte on 14th May, 2008.

Ms. Margaret Sauzier testified on behalf of the Plaintiffs. The 1st Plaintiff is a company incorporated in Seychelles and at the material time was and is engaged, inter alia, in the business or automotive repairs and importation of automotive spare parts. The 2nd Plaintiff is a director of the 1st Plaintiff and in that capacity runs the day to day business of the 1st Plaintiff. The 1st Defendant is a director of Abyss Security Protection Agency, and the 2nd Defendant is its Managing Director.

On 12th June, 2007 the 2nd Plaintiff contacted Abyss Security Protection Agency and spoke with the 1st Defendant who arrived at the premises of the 1st Plaintiff shortly thereafter accompanied by 2nd Defendant. The Plaintiff and Defendants orally agreed that the 1st Plaintiff will carry out some mechanical repairs on the 2nd Defendant’s vehicle, a Ford Ranger registration No. S. 13974.

It was an express term of the oral agreement that the Plaintiffs would meet all the necessary labour costs for the repairs free of charge, and the Defendants would provide all spare parts, and also provide security services for the 1st Plaintiff as per the agreed quotation.

On 14th August, 2007 the Defendants jointly and severally borrowed Seychelles Rupees sixty thousand (SR60,000.00) from the Plaintiffs, which sum the 1st Defendant acknowledged as having received in a signed document dated the same day Exhibit P1. The Plaintiffs and Defendant also orally agreed to vary the terms of the agreement to the extent that the Plaintiff would also provide the necessary spare parts for the vehicle and that the Defendant would jointly and severally settle the entire bill inclusive of the sum presently borrowed.

In pursuance of the agreement the Plaintiffs met both, labour and spare parts costs for the vehicle, and on 20th August, 2007 the Defendants through a series of misrepresentations removed the vehicle from the 1st Plaintiff’s premises simultaneously undertaking to settle the bill, inclusive of the sum borrowed the following day. As at the date of entering the Plaint the Defendants, jointly and severally have failed to repay the money borrowed or pay for the cost of the works carried out on the vehicle, and this despite several requests made personally by the 2nd Plaintiff and the Plaintiff’s Attorney.

As a result the Plaintiffs have suffered loss and damage for which the Defendants are jointly and severally liable. The damages allowed by this Court are as follows:

  1. Cost of labour and materials for repairs of vehicle

S13974 SR 8, 072.00

  1. Sum borrowed SR60,000.00

Total SR68,072,00

Judgment is accordingly entered in favour of the Plaintiffs as against the Defendants jointly

and severally in the sum of SR68,072.00 with interests at the legal rate and costs.




Dated this 7th day of December 2009

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