Government of Seychelles v Mathiot (MC 66/2020) [2021] SCSC 933 (28 June 2021)

Civil Remedies|Criminal law
Case summary
The belief evidence of Mr. Hein Prinsloo can be accepted as it is supported by the evidence by affidavit of Sergeant Malvina and Sergeant Jean and the attached photographs on which grounds his belief evidence is based. In this instant case there exists more thanprima facie evidence and I am satisfied that the Applicant has established on a balance of probability that the property constitutes benefit from criminal conduct and its value is over SCR 50,000.00. The Respondent has failed to give any credible explanation as to the originof such an amount of cash and the explanation given by him for reasons contained herein are rejected. He has failed on a balance of probability to establish that the specified property is not from proceeds of crime.

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