R v B (Criminal Side: CO 40/2014) [2015] SCSC 95 (26 March 2015);


Criminal Side: 40/2014


       [2015] SCSC 95


The Republic







Heard:                         26 March 2015

Counsel:                      Mrs Cesar and Ms Gonthier , Attorney General for the Republic


                                    Mr Bonte  for the accused




Delivered:                   26 March 2015





  1. The accused is alleged a first offender.  He has pleaded guilty to the first count.  The second count has been withdrawn by the prosecution.  By pleading guilty he has saved the Court’s time and resources.  He is also said to be an old man of 71 years.  He has also   prayed for leniency and appears remorseful. He has been on remand for about 8 months. 
  2. I take all these facts into consideration as being in his favour.
  3.  However the accused has committed a serious offence.  The maximum sentence is 20 years.  Secondly the victim was only 4 years old at that time.  Thirdly he was a close relative to the victim, as a grand father whom the victim was having trust and love to him.  The accused has breached this trust and love.  This cannot be condoned by the Court.
  4. Putting everything into consideration especially noting the plea of guilt and the advanced age of the accused I sentence him to 10 years imprisonment.



Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 26 March 2015

D Akiiki-Kiiza

Judge of the Supreme Court